Tell Me More Italian Review Part 2

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I also found that if you right-click on a word in a dialogue you get a translation and the chance to visit the voice recognition software page, where you can practice your pronunciation. I finished this lesson by right-clicking on each word in each dialogue to figure out their meanings and perfect their pronunciations. Then I used what I had learned to choose the correct response.

Two things about this lesson, and then we’ll move on. First, the instructions are terrible. Second, despite the terrible instructions, I learned a ton by looking up each word in each dialogue and figuring out the correct response to what the narrator had said.

And this is how my learning went with the TELL ME MORE Italian program. I didn’t just go from step one to step two to step three. It’s not linear learning in that way. Instead, I found it best to go to step one and then settle in for a while. I did a lot of jumping around, sometimes to the voice recognition software, other times to the glossary or the conjugation and grammar resources.

I didn’t like this at all in the beginning, but as I went on I got used to it. I also found that I was learning quite a lot. After the “Discovery Dialogue” lesson came the “Key Vocabulary” lesson.

TELL ME MORE Italian Key Vocabulary Lesson

The instructions are…

Here is a list of key words from your lesson. Click on each one and memorize them all.

I have to admit, these instructions game me a chuckle. In my mind I was thinking, “how should I memorize these vocabulary words?” Then I clicked on the instructions and got my answer, which was, “Memorize each of them.” Thanks! It did get better. I right-clicked on a vocabulary word and saw that I had two options, “listen” and “pronounce.” Clicking the “listen” button got me a native Italian speaker demonstrating pronunciation. I listened and repeated to my first word several times. Then I clicked on the “pronounce” button. This took me to TELL ME MORE’s popular voice recognition software.

As you can see from the picture, I was learning the word, a presto. I first clicked on the little speaker icon, which got me the native Italian speaker again. After listening and repeating a few times, I hit the record button and said, “A presto.” The green waveform you see to the right is my voice.

The black waveform was created by the native Italian speaker. My first attempt scored a 4 out of 5–not bad for a first try. I played with this feature for a while. I enjoyed it. I’m not too sure that the waveforms and pronunciation scores really helped me, but what did help me was having a fun toy to play with! I must have said “A presto” about 20 times.

To learn the entire list of new vocabulary words, I enlisted the help of my favorite old study tool–flash cards. I still used the software, though, and it was really helpful. I first memorized the words with the flash cards, and then I used the TELL ME MORE voice recognition software to perfect my pronunciation. In the end, I knew all the words, and I could pronounce them quite well.

TELL ME MORE Italian Word Searches

Next up were the TELL ME MORE word searches. These were basic word search puzzles that were used to expose users to the vocabulary words. They were fairly uneventful, but I still found them helpful. To make them useful, though, you have to be proactive with your learning.

For example, if you just find the Italian words and circle them, you’re not really helping yourself. Instead, what I did was to find the Italian word, translate it in my head, and then say it a few times in both English and Italian. If I could, I made short sentences with the words. There were four word search puzzles in this lesson.

I’d like to point out that I have described just three of the eighteen steps in this one lesson (you can see them in the picture on the previous page). I’d also like to point out that TELL ME MORE has a great, easy-to-use free trial. So, instead of describing the experienced I had with each and every activity in this very robust software, I’ll just give you the link to the free trial and suggest that you try the program out for yourself. Get a FREE trial now.

What’s the best Italian language learning software for you? Well…

If you don’t want to learn reading, writing and grammar, but you want to learn to speak quickly and easily, go with Pimsleur Italian. If you want an audio-based course similar to Pimsleur’s but that also provides instruction for reading, writing, grammar, and Italian culture, go with Rocket Italian. If you are looking for a program that offers in-depth grammar lessons, tons of vocabulary, lots of learning games, and deep academic knowledge about the structure of the Italian language, go with TELL ME MORE.