Rocket Italian Review Part 3

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Language and Culture Section Continued

When I opened up the language section, I saw that it matched up perfectly with the Interactive Dialogues. With the Interactive Dialogues, we learned how to buy train tickets. In this, the corresponding Language section, we reinforced what we had already learned, and we learned some new stuff.

For example, in the Interactive Dialogue, one phrase we had learned was, “how much.” In, this section we built on what we had learned by practicing the singular and plural versions of the same phrase, as you can see in the picture above right. Also note the dark blue and white icons. Those are audio recordings that you can listen to and repeat over and over again. I found them to be quite helpful.

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Next was a very thorough lesson about how to tell time and how to say the days of the week in Italian. This lesson also included useful phrases such as, “What time is it?,” “it’s midday,” and “It’s half past three.” I finished up the section with a grammar lesson, which taught me how to change verb endings in order to communicate different tenses.

The second part of the Language and Culture section, as you can guess, is called “Culture.” In this section users are taught cultural information that is meant to improve both understanding and communication. In this chapter, we learned about how Italians have a very relaxed attitude in regards to time. We were told to expect 15-45 minute delays anywhere we went in Italy. The Language and Culture section provided perfect supplementary material to the main Interactive Dialogue lesson. Let me show you…

Main Interactive Dialogue Lesson

  • How to Buy Train Tickets

Language Section

  • Telling Time
  • Days of the Week
  • Saying How Much (singular and plural)
  • How to Change Verb Ending to Express Tenses
Culture Lesson
  • Information about How Italians View Time (they aren’t very punctual)
  • Expect Lots of Travel Delays

As you can see, the supplementary lessons supported the main lesson perfectly. Your ability to use the Italian train system is greatly enhanced when you can speak about time and tenses and when you understand Italian attitudes about being “on time.”

Language and Culture Section Highlights

  • Great Knowledge Reinforcement
  • Very Useful Information
  • Tons of Audio and Speaking Practice
  • Material Matches Main Lesson Perfectly
  • Lots of Learning Activities

Rocket Italian Summary

Rocket Italian is the leader in online language learning. Their Rocket Italian course shows why. It is full of high-quality learning materials, and it utilizes a very effective step-by-step learning process. Its audio lessons are grounded in the modern, highly effective communicative approach to learning. The program’s dialogues are interesting, fun, and very easy to use. Most importantly, they are highly interactive. Users of this product become a part of the conversation, as opposed to just being passive listeners.

In addition, the learning course has excellent site structure and a fresh, clean design. Navigating around the course is easy, allowing users to keep their attention focused on what matters to them most–learning Italian. Learning games and dialogues are simple, engaging, and quite fun to learn with.

Finally, at $99 the Rocket Italian program is great value for your money. For one low price you get lifetime access to the course, the language learning forum, and native Italian speaking support staff. You also get over 60 language and culture lessons, 13 hours of high-quality audio lessons, voice comparison for over 1300 Italian phrases, and, finally, a 60-day money back guarantee.

Who Should Buy This Software?
If you are a beginner looking for a very user-friendly online Italian course, you should buy this software. It is the best you’re going to find, and it will get you up and running with Italian quickly and smoothly. It is friendly, easy to use, and very efficient. It is also well-priced for such a comprehensive program. I also recommend Rocket Italian for those who enjoy active and helpful community forums. Online support is excellent, which is good for beginners.

Who Should Not Buy This Software?
If you speak Italian at an advanced level, or if you are an academic looking to dive deeply into the structure of the Italian language, this software is most likely not what you’re looking for. It is communication-based, and what grammar and sentence structure is taught is very rudimentary. It is there to aid in the communication process, not for academic purposes. Also, this course is online, so if you have a poor Internet connection, you may want to think twice. Note: All audio and written dialogues can be downloaded and used on a mobile device or a home computer, so if you like this program, but have a spotty Internet connection, there is a way to get around the problem.

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