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Rocket Italian

Saving 67% on the Rocket Italian course is easy! All you do is choose the “online version” at checkout. When you do that, you save Rocket tons of money in shipping and production costs, and they, in turn, give those savings back to you. With the online option, you’ll get access to the entire course forever for just $99.

Have the CD’s shipped to you and you’ll be paying $299 for the exact same course! And guess what? All the MP3 dialogues are downloadable, and all the written dialogues are printable, which means you get the exact same thing but for a much lower price!

In addition, Rocket is currently giving away their premium “Italian survival kit.” This course sells for $49.95, but right now, with the purchase of Rocket Italian Premium, you can get it for free. This extra set of lessons include the very cool Rocket Italian MegaCards game and 10 premium Italian lessons.

Click Here to get Rocket Italian Premium for just $99 and to claim your FREE Rocket Italian Premium Survival Kit (valid only during promotional period). Click here to check promotion validity (scroll to the bottom and look for the same picture that you see here above/right. If it’s there, you’re all set.)

One last thing…Rocket Italian offers a FREE limited edition version of their online course. This is designed to let you try out the product before you buy it. So, if you’re ready to dive in, just buy the course now. If you’re not so sure that Rocket’s for you, check out the free trial.

Get a Rocket Italian FREE Trial 

Tell Me More Italian

Tell Me More is a great program that provides TONS of learning materials. It also has a HUGE price tag! ….sort of. Yeah, it’s true that the retail price for this software is pretty steep. It’s also true, though, that you NEVER have to pay full price for this software. In fact, you should always expect to get it at 30% to 50% off, which makes it quite affordable. Here’s what you do…

  1. Go to this page. (don’t worry, this page will stay open)
  2. Get the current coupon code (there is always one available)
  3. Click on the “learn Italian” button
  4. Now your on the product page. Scroll down past all the Internet courses–in my opinion, they are WAY overpriced–until you get to the “Italian exercises and lessons on CD/DVD TELL ME MORE Italian v. 10.5 software CD/DVD title.”
  5. Click on that title
  6. Select whether you want 2, 5, or 10 levels
  7. Click the “Buy” button.
  8. Fill out the forms and enter your coupon code
  9. You just saved 30% to 50% on Your Learn Italian Software!

Note: You may notice at the bottom of the page that you can buy the V.7 (version 7) product for a lower price than the V. 10.5 product. Don’t buy it! The old version looks and feels terrible compared to the new version. The new version (V. 10.5) is much, much better and well worth the additional expense.

Pimsleur Italian

Pimsleur’s never been known for offering discounts. They are coming around, though, and right now they are running a really good promotion (if you want Pimsleur Italian, now is the time to get it). To get it, just…

Note: Pimsleur Italian, for years and years has been a 100% audio program. That has recently changed. Pimsleur has proudly announced its Pimsleur Italian Unlimited program, which includes outstanding digital flash cards, Italian reading instruction and access to a great Italian language learning forum.

Check out the new program here.

Transparent Italian

Transparent offers all sorts of great discounts. Here are the best ones.

Read Transparent Italian Review

Note: The first link offers the FREE BYKI Italian software. This is GREAT language learning software, and I recommend that you grab it while you can, even you buy another program as your main learning software.

Also, Transparent has just recently launched their Transparent . It’s really good, and I recommend that you take a look at it.

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