Learning Italian Online

Learning Italian online is a great idea–for most people. For some it’s not so wonderful. First of all, assess your Internet connection.  Can you stream video and audio content without having to wait…and wait…and wait for the content to load?

If so, great! If not, don’t frustrate yourself by learning Italian online. Just get a software-based course instead. Rocket Italian is the most popular online Italian course today. You can try it out for free here.

Of course, you don’t have to pay to learn Italian online. For example, you can learn Italian words and phrases with our free learning videos. What’s the best way to do it. Well, obviously, you’ll want to practice your pronunciation by watching and listening to our videos, repeating after the native speakers. How do you remember all the words and phrases, though?

For this, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of the free–but super amazing–BYKI software. You can grab a copy here. BYKI is digital flash card software that can be fully customized. So, what you do is take the words and phrases you learn in our videos and enter them into your free BYKI software.

This does two things. First of all, you actually learn a lot by setting up the software; the act of thinking about, typing in and double checking you Italian words and phrases cements their meanings in your head. And then, after the software is set up, you’ve got an amazing learning program that you can use, customize and even share with your friends.

And don’t forget, we’re not the only ones who have Italian learning videos. You can go to You Tube and find tons more, making learning Italian online both easy and free. Which should you do? Go for a paid online Italian course or take the DIY route. Well, here’s the big difference.

If you go with a professional online Italian course, you’ll have to pay a hundred bucks or so. …but you’ll save tons of time. Searching through You Tube for what you looking for can be quite an adventure. So, I recommend that you check out our videos and see how you like them. If you’re enjoying yourself, keep at it. If you find that you want something more structured, check out these Italian language learning programs. If you find that you getting along fine on your own, keep at it!

Whatever you choose to do, we here at SpeakOut Italian wish you the best in your Italian language learning adventure!

Ryan Wiley is a professional language teacher and author of 12 language learning textbooks.

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