Learn to Speak Italian at Home

Learning to speak Italian, or any other language, isn’t easy. Having been a language instructor, course developer, and textbook author for over a decade, I can tell you, without hesitation, that the number one problem learners have is getting enough speaking practice.

Sometimes people are too shy to speak. Sometimes they are in large classes where they are afforded little opportunity. Other times they simply have nobody to speak with, usually because they are studying at home with language learning books. Today I’m going to tell you how you can learn to speak Italian at home.

Italian Language Learning Software

If you’re learning Italian with books, stop. Today’s Italian language learning software programs are far superior; they do something no book can–help you learn to SPEAK Italian, not just memorize words, phrases and dialogues. Rocket Italian, for example, costs just $99, and it gives you wonderful interactive dialogues. The course teaches reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar, sure, but the focus is on helping you learn to speak Italian. Another good program is Pimsleur Italian. This course is 100% audio-based, and it only teaches Italian speaking and listening. So, if you’re going learn to speak Italian at home, do yourself a favor and grab some Italian language learning software.


If you’re reading this, your native language is probably English. You’re lucky! Why? Because lots and lots of native Italian speaking people want to learn to speak English at home, which means you get your pick of language learning partners. What you do is go to Skype and set up a free account. Then you go to an Italian language learning forum and look for the “language exchange” section (or just type “Italian language exchange” into Google). Find a partner, set up a time to study, and then speak with each other in your native languages. For example, you could speak for 30 minutes in English–to help them–and then 30 minutes in Italian to help. That’s it! Learn to Speak Italian at home with no worries, no hassles, and no money!

BYKI Italian

BYKI is a great way to learn to speak Italian at home. What is it? It’s language learning software that is designed to teach you Italian words and phrases. And the great thing? It also includes pronunciation practice, which means you can learn to speak Italian without actually talking to anyone! The software has two versions. The first version is FREE It doesn’t have all the features of the paid version, but it’s still quite valuable. You can check out he paid version here. It’s only $69, so you may just want to jump right to the paid version, as it does do much more.


We here at SpeakOut! Italian work tirelessly scouring the web for the best Italian language learning videos. If you’d like, you can use our compilation of videos to learn to speak tons of Italian words and phrases. Enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the best way to learn Italian at home is to use Italian language learning software. For Italian listening and speaking, Rocket Italian and Pimsleur Italian are the best choices. Buy one now if you’re ready to start learning. You should also use Skype to practice speaking to real Italians–it’s FREE. Also FREE is BYKI Italian. Get this program and start improving your Italian vocabulary right now.

We here at SpeakOut! Italian wish you the very best in your Italian language learning adventure!

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