The Best Italian Language Courses

Italian language courses can be put into two categories, those that teach all 4 second language acquisition skills–reading, writing, listening, and speaking–and those that don’t.

Courses in the first category include Rocket, Tell Me More, and Rosetta Stone.

In the latter category are those such as Pimsleur, one of the most popular Italian language courses in the world, but one that only teaches listening and speaking. Other courses, like BYKI, focus, for example, on vocabulary acquisition.

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4-Skills Italian Language Courses

Rocket is a rising star among language learning course producers–in just a few short years they have amassed over 800,000 loyal learners. This year, Rocket won our Reader’s choice award for “Best Way to Learn Italian Online.”

Users especially love Rocket’s pricing structure–$99 for a lifetime membership (no recurring monthly fees) and the fun, effective, entertaining style of instruction. The focus of this course is practical spoken communication, although it does provide instruction for all 4 language learning skills.

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Tell Me more language courses have been around for over 2 decades. They are used used my millions worldwide, including by over 15,000 government and educational institutions.

Their claim to fame is their award winning voice recognition software and the huge amount of learning materials they include with their courses. The software isn’t cheap, but there are always huge discounts available (use the link below to check for current discounts)

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Rosetta Stone is a world-famous language course that people often debate. Their learning style can best be described as “full immersion.” You don’t get much instruction or explanation in English.Instead, you just dive in and start completing activities. Some people think this style of learning is great. Others think that the method causes unneeded difficulties. If you’re interested in the Rosetta Stone Italian language course, I suggest that you head over to Amazon and read all the customer reviews, both positive and negative.

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Another well-established product, Fluenz takes the opposite approach as Rosetta Stone, giving you a “virtual tutor” who gives explanations and advice as you work through the system. A visually superior Italian language course

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1-3 Skills Italian Language Courses


Pimsleur is one of the most popular Italian language courses in the world. If you want Italian listening and speaking skills, this is the program to get–just understand that this Italian course is 100% audio and ONLY teaches listening and speaking.

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BYKI is an amazing piece of Italian vocabulary learning software. It’s not a full Italian language course, but you can load it up with both Italian words and short phrases, and the method of learning is fantastic.

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There are, of course, many other Italian language courses on the market. These, however, are the best ones, the ones that you should choose from if you do decide to purchase a course.

Whatever you decide to do, we here at SpeakOut! Italian wish you the best with your Italian language learning adventure.

P.S. Don’t forget to grab your very own FREE customized Italian language learning plan.

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