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Buon giorno!! And welcome to our reader’s choice page, where we reveal which course was voted the “best way to learn Italian online.” Who was this year’s big winner?

According to our readers, Rocket Italian is the best way to learn Italian online!

Value for Money:★★★★★ 
Ease of Use:★★★★☆ 
Learning Effectiveness:★★★★¼ 
Fun Factor:★★★★½ 

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This year’s online poll was based on five grading criteria, Value for Money, Ease of Use, Learning Effectiveness, Fun Factor, and support.

Value for Money

Rocket has a cool special going on right now where you get a free “Italian survival kit” (sells on its own for $79.90) when you order. To get this special deal, just click on the picture above.

Value for money takes into consideration the price, quality, and quantity of the learning materials you get. What makes Rocket Italian the best value for your money?

First of all, for one price you get a lifetime membership to all online course materials and to a private forum–where you have unlimited access to an Italian native speaking tutor. The cost for this is just $99.95.

Compare that, for example, to online Italian courses that charge fees of $15 to $45 PER MONTH, and you’ll see just what an exceptional value Rocket Italian really is.

Of course, to be good value, an online course must provide great learning materials, and Rocket does. Don’t take our word for it, though, you can get your own FREE trial right here (no credit card necessary).

Ease of Use

Ease of use is a criterion oftentimes overlooked by course reviewers. It’s important, though, because learning Italian online is difficult enough. Having to navigate around, clunky, poorly designed courses makes it unbearable! And this is another reason why our readers like Rocket Italian so much. The Rocket site looks great. It’s easy to navigate, and it’s fun and modern styling make it a joy to learn with.

Learning Effectiveness

This is one of our most important criterion because all the fancy design, fun learning games, and fantastic dialogues won’t matter at all if you’re not learning anything. Rocket created a very effective online Italian course by borrowing from Pimsleur Italian. That is, they used the theory of spaced repetition to design their extremely effective interactive dialogues. Then they took things a step further by adding reading, writing, grammar, and cultural instruction, as well as a bonus section that actually teaches you the best way to learn, based on your person learning style.

Fun Factor

More than one person has told me that “fun factor” shouldn’t really be included in our online survey. They’re crazy! Why? Because learning a new language is hard and it requires a ton of effort. You oftentimes hear people say they’d love to speak another language. You never hear people say they want to sit down and memorize a stack of new vocabulary words.

People like playing games. People also like interactive dialogues that are casual, personable, and friendly. And people like grammar lessons that have real, practical value that is easy to see. When the designers at Rocket went to work putting this course together they understood this, and they did a great job of making an online Italian program that is enjoyable to learn with.


If you’re going to learn Italian online, you’re going to need support. Rocket came up with a great way of supporting their students. When you log into your online course, you get access to the Rocket Italian forum. Here you can chat with other learners about Italian living, learning, or traveling–whaterever you like. In addition, you can also post questions for the native Italian speaking host.

She’ll answer all you Italian grammar, usage, vocabulary, reading, writing, and pronunciation questions. It’s like having your own personal tutor–that you have lifetime access to! This is an incredibly useful tool to have as a student, and it’s the final reason why our readers say that Rocket Italian is the best way to learn Italian online.

Is Rocket Italian for you?

Rocket Italian was voted the “best way to learn Italian online” by our readers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean its the best way for you to learn Italian. To get the course that’s best for you, I encourage you to read our article called, How to Choose an Italian Language Program.

However you choose to learn Italian, we here at Speakout! Italian wish you the very best!

The Speakout! Italian Crew

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