How to Learn Italian: Your 4 Best Options

How to learn Italian? That’s a great question, and this post is going to give you a great answer. In fact, it’s going to give you 4 great answers. Let’s get started!

4. How to Learn Italian: Free Italian Language Learning Sites

One popular way to learn Italian is to go online and do a Google search for “learn Italian for free.” If you do this, you ‘ll find several different kinds of Italian language learning sites. Some are made by universities, governments, and other non-profit companies. Others are private sites that host basic Italian learning content and make money by placing ads on their sites. Finally, there are lots of what I call “freemium” sites. These sites give away a limited amount of free Italian learning materials, hoping to sell visitors a premium upgrade once they have finished using the free material.


Of course, the biggest advantage of using free Italian language learning sites is that you don’t have to pay for them. You could, if you were really motivated, pull information from all of the free Italian sites you could find and make a decent Italian language learning program.


The biggest disadvantage of using free Italian learning materials is that visiting all of these sites to gather the material you need takes a ton of time. In addition, once you get the information, you have to organize it and then create a useful language learning strategy. If you’re an experienced language learner, or have a background in education, you can do this. If not, you may just be wasting your time.

3. How to Learn Italian: Buying Italian Language Learning Books

Books are, of course, one of the most popular ways to learn an new language. Their popularity, however is fading fast.


The biggest advantage of learning Italian with books is that you can buy learning material for very specific purposes. For example, if you want to study grammar, just buy a grammar book. If you want to study vocabulary, just buy a vocabulary book. Books are also good because you can take them anywhere at any time. No Internet? No Batteries? No wall sockets? No problem. There is nothing better than sitting in the park with an interesting book!


As someone who makes a living as a textbook writer, it pains me to say that learning Italian with books has some major drawbacks. First of all, you cannot learn Italian pronunciation from a book. In addition, it is very difficult to pick up conversational skills when working with paper and ink. You can’t have a conversation with a book, as you can with today’s learning software programs. Finally, books are made from expensive paper, and they have to be shipped, stored, and delivered in planes, trains and automobiles. All of this, in the end, makes them very expensive when compared to what you get with digital products.

2. How to Learn Italian: Take a Class

There are lots of places to take Italian language courses. Universities, community centers, and private language schools are the most popular places.


The biggest advantage to joining one of these courses is the structure they provide. Take an Italian course and you’ll get a teacher who tells you exactly how and what to study. If you’re not a particularly motivated individual, this will great for you. In addition, Italian courses are very social. YOu get lost of interaction with other students, and, oftentimes, you can make great, like-minded friends.


Of course, this option has disadvantages too, the biggest one being cost. Teachers, rooms, books, and fully developed Italian learning curriculums are not cheap. In addition, taking a course means commuting to class, which is a deal-breaker for some people. Lastly, language courses can be very stressful for some people. It’s not easy being put on the spot in front of a classroom full of strangers.

1. How to Learn Italian: Italian Language Learning Software

In this option, I include both online learning courses and software-based courses that you load onto your computer. Both of these methods are quickly becoming the most popular ways to learn the Italian language.


The biggest advantage of learning on your computer is value for your money. For about a hundred dollars you can get a good program that offers hours and hours of learning instruction. And it’s instruction that is far less limited than the above-mentioned methods. For example, you can perfect your Italian pronunciation with native-speaker recordings, something you can’t do with books. You can also learn from the comfort of your own home, something impossible to do with classroom-based courses. Furthermore, you get all of this information in a well-designed package that gives you step-by-step learning, something you can’t get with free materials.


Learning Italian on your computer does have a couple of drawbacks, the biggest one being the lack of supervision. If you learn Italian with software, you are in complete control of your learning, which means you’ll have to be disciplined. The other drawback is that there are many different courses out there–and some aren’t so great. If you want to learn Italian with software, you have some research to do. A good place to start your research is a page we have called “How to Choose an Italian Language Program,” which gives you detailed instructions on how to choose a program based on your particular learning style.

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