Best Way to Learn Italian

What’s the best way to learn Italian? That’s easy. The best way to learn Italian is to use Internet or software-based Italian language courses. Not sure? Read this post and you’ll see exactly why.

Save a Ton of Money

With teachers, tutors, books and supplies, learning Italian can become quite expensive. With online learning, though, you don’t need any of those things. Everything you need comes in one software package, including pronunciation and speaking practice with a native Italian speaker. How much does a program cost?

The #1 Italian learning program, Rocket Italian, is just $99, and for that you get hours and hours of instruction, including live support from a native speaker. Read my Rocket Italian Review. If you’re looking for the best value for your money, computer-based learning is definitely the best way to learn italian.

Save a Ton of Time

Time and money, the two hardest things to hold on to. Fortunately, Software and Internet-based Italian courses help you make the most out of both. They save time allowing you to study at home, instead of having to commute to some classroom. In addition, you can make the most out of what would otherwise be wasted time. You do this by downloading your course’s audio files and loading them onto your MP3 player. Now you can listen and learn while riding the bus, driving to work, or walking the dog–multitasking made easy!

Stress-Free Learning

Getting put on the spot in front of a classroom full of people can be quite stressful and intimidating. That’s another reason why I think using software is the best way to learn Italian. Sitting in the comfort of my own home, I can use my software program to perfect my Italian pronunciation without worry or embarrassment. With a book, I can’t really practice pronunciation at all, and in a classroom, I tend to be a bit shy. Are you starting to see why software and Internet-based Italian courses are the best way to learn Italian?

Highly Efficient Learning

Today’s Italian language learning programs are designed using time-tested learning strategies. Then they take things a step further. They include interactive language learning games that are far more effective than anything used in books or classrooms. Plus they make use great new technology, like voice recognition software. What makes them most efficient, though, are the fully interactive dialogues–you get to have full conversations in Italian.

My Recommendations For You

Italian language learning software is the best way to learn Italian. There is no doubt about that. What there is some disagreement on, however, is which software program is best. To ensure that you get the best program for you, head over to my How to Choose an Italian Language Program page and learn how to pick out the best product for you.

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